The College believes that cultural safety and humility are vital for the provision of fair and equal health services, as well as the creation of a healthcare environment free of racism and discrimination, where individuals feel safe and respected.

See our reflections and progress against our commitments
to improve cultural humility and safety

The College has committed to reflecting and reporting on progress against its strategy – Our Commitment to Cultural Humility: Acting on our commitment to improve cultural safety and humility for First Nations and Aboriginal People in BC – each year within our annual report to demonstrate how we are working towards meeting our pledge to improve cultural safety and humility.

Highlights from our work over the past fiscal year includes engaging with leaders in First Nations health care through initiatives such as the Frist Nations Health Authority’s Mental Health and Wellness Summit and Day of Wellness celebrations, and sharing cultural safety and humility resources with staff, board members and registrants, including a new ReadLinks Series.

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