To ensure that registrants are competent to practice and to promote high practice standards amongst registrants.


Frank Lucarelli (Chair)
Gary Jung (Vice-Chair)
Ashifa Keshavji (staff resource)
Hani Al-Tabbaa
Tessa Cheng
Baldeep Dhillon
Sukhvir Gidda
Tracey Hagkull
Rebecca Siah
Man Fung
Allen Wu
Number of Meetings: 3

Accomplishments of the Year

  • Launched the PDAP Mobile application
  • CE Audits
    • Developed structure, process, criteria and tools
    • Initiated CE Audits
  • Reviewed and provided feedback on program policies
  • Reviewed and provided feedback on registrant feedback survey

Goals for Next Fiscal Year

  • Conduct CE Audits; review and monitor results
  • Update program policies
  • Update registrant feedback survey
  • Determine if a registrant learning needs survey is required based on Board direction

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