The College conducted a number of stakeholder engagements to help us solicit input on College initiatives, policies and bylaws.

Partnering with Other Healthcare Organizations to Further Patient Safety

In order to draw on the wealth of healthcare expertise across the province, the College is a frequent collaborator with healthcare organizations in the provision of innovative approaches to patient safety."


Customer Satisfaction Survey

From August through September of 2018, the College distributed a Customer Satisfaction Survey to engage with the public, pharmacy professionals, and stakeholders in order to help us continue to improve our service standards.

As a fundamental component of BC’s health system, the College of Pharmacists of BC is committed to serving and protecting the public. A big part of how we do this is by providing good customer service through the delivery of high quality services and assistance.

The College gathered feedback from 126 external respondents and 38 internal respondents, successfully achieving its goal of 70% satisfaction overall.

The feedback gathered through this survey will be used to inform the College’s ongoing service objectives and ensure that we continue to deliver professional and ethical service that enables us to meet our mandate in protecting the public through the regulation of pharmacy practice in BC.


Survey: Protecting the Public through Pharmacy Manager Requirements

From November 28 – December 12, 2018, The College sought input from pharmacy professionals, health professionals and the public, about the responsibilities of pharmacy managers as we reviewed our Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act (PODSA) Bylaws to ensure they can protect the public now and into the future.

Pharmacy managers play a crucial role in ensuring safe pharmacy practices for the public. They have distinct and extensive responsibilities under the PODSA and the College’s related Bylaws.

The College received 360 responses from members of the public, registrants and other health professionals from all over British Columbia on topics including:

  • Consistent use of pharmacy name
  • Day to day management of a pharmacy
  • Depot shipments of medications
  • Drug delivery and storage (including offsite storage)
  • Emergency and disaster preparedness
  • Ensuring access to new drug and device information
  • Operation without a pharmacist
  • Public identification of registrants
  • Pharmacy manager’s absence from the pharmacy
  • Reporting changes in registrant staffing

This feedback was used to help review and revise bylaws as part of the work involved in the College’s PODSA Bylaws Modernization objective in its 2017/18 – 2019/20 Strategic Plan.

ReadLinks Guest Posts

The College also commissioned 17 Guest Posts in 2018/19 written by health service providers and subject matter experts. Guest posts allow us to share a wide range of knowledge and expertise related to pharmacy practice and patient safety with the goal of providing better health through excellence in pharmacy.

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