The College conducted a number of stakeholder engagements to help us solicit input on College initiatives, policies and bylaws.

  • Pharmacist Prescribing in BC
  • New Telepharmacy Requirements
  • New Pharmacy Ownership Requirements
  • Palliative Care Home Kits
  • Electronic Record Keeping

Through these stakeholder engagements, the College was able to gather significant input and feedback from patients, pharmacy professionals, pharmacy students and other health professionals, helping to us gauge sentiment, identify gaps, and inform our plans.

The College would like to thank all those who provided feedback and shared their thoughts during our various engagements in 2017.

Engagement Planning

The College follows the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) best practices and core values in planning and executing engagement initiatives. This involves identifying the level of participation, communicating the engagement process with stakeholders, identifying how feedback will be used and how the results of the engagement will be shared. These elements are essentials in hosting an effective and transparent engagement session.


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