To ensure that registrants meet the conditions or requirements for registration as a Member of the College.


Jeremy Walden (Chair)
Thuy Phuong Hoang (Vice-Chair)
Doreen Leong (staff resource)
Laura Bickerton
Carolyn Cheung
Ashley Foreman
Yonette Harrod
Raymond Jang
Derek Lee
Vanessa Lee
Leonard Ma
Charles Park
Nathan Roeters
Joy Sisson
Number of Meetings
Number of In-Person Meetings: 2
Number of Teleconferences: 9

Accomplishments of the Year

  • Key policies, processes and exam results reviewed and approved including the Exam Appeal Policy, English Language Proficiency Policy and Jurisprudence Exam results.
  • Launched the Online Pre-registration for UBC students
  • Updated all webpages and content for pre-registration and registration categories
  • Launched online tracking for phone queries to update web content and FAQs
  • Reviewed applications whereby applicant could not complete the statutory declaration and appeals for extension of exam validity periods.


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