To monitor standards of practice to enhance the quality of pharmacy care for British Columbians.


Kris Gustavson (Chair) (ended February 16, 2018)
Tracey Hagkull (Chair) (effective February 16, 2018)
Michael Ortynsky (Vice-Chair)
Ashifa Keshavji (staff resource)
Marilyn Chadwick
Patrick Chai
Kate Cockerill
Aleisha (Thornhill) Enemark
Joanne Konnert
Fady Moussa
Alison Rhodes
Helen Singh (Resigned December 2017)​
Number of Meetings: 5

Accomplishments of the Year

Phase 1: Community Practice

  • Enhanced Pharmacy Professionals Reviews for Pharmacy Technicians
    • New focus areas approved by the Board at the June 2017 meeting
    • Implemented in December 2017
  • Forecasted program cycle
    • Increased yearly targets
  • Developed and delivered first Community Pharmacy Practice Review Results Summary Report to the Board (Fiscal Year 2015/16)
  • Developed and delivered yearly Community Pharmacy Practice Review Feedback Survey Report to the Board (Fiscal Year 2016/17)

Phase 2: Hospital Practice

  • Launched in April 2017
  • Monitoring registrant feedback and Risk Register

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