To provide recommendations to the Board or the Registrar on matters relating to the Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest Standards and any other related policies or guidelines.


Sorell Wellon (Chair)
Cristina Alarcon (Vice-Chair)
David Pavan (staff resource)
Shivinder Badyal
Alison Dempsey
Patricia Gerber
Jamie Graham
Tara Lecavalier
Vanessa Lee
Robson Liu
Robyn Miyata
Jing-Yi Ng
Number of Meetings
Number of teleconferences: 2

Accomplishments of the Year

  • The committee amended the terms of reference to include the patient relations program as per HPA legislation (scheduled to be presented to the board)
  • The committee is developing documents and procedures to accommodate the new patient relations program under the ethics advisory committee. (currently working on the 2nd draft)

The committee did not receive any files for advisement.

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