At its September 2019 meeting, the College Board approved four strategic goals and objectives that will guide the College’s 2020/2021 to 2024/2025 Strategic Plan.

The College’s Strategic Plan 2020/2021 to 2024/2025 Goals and Objectives are as follows:

Goal Objective
1. The public is given evidence-informed, patient-centred, team-based care. To develop a plan to support the provision of evidence-informed, patient-centred, team-based care that includes cultural safety and humility.
2. To enable practice innovation through regulation that enhances the health a wellness of the public and ensure patient safety. To communicate what the public and health professionals can expect from pharmacy professionals.
3. To have the public and health professionals see pharmacy professionals as valuable resources who are acting first and foremost in the public interest. To communicate what the public and health professionals can expect from pharmacy professionals.
4. To have strong, collaborative engagement with all healthcare providers to advance patient-centred, team-based care. Enhance patient health and wellness through collaborative engagement with all healthcare providers.


These goals were developed and refined using the insights gleaned from the public engagement; an environmental scan of emerging trends in pharmacy practice; and the regulation recommendations in the Cayton Report.

The College was significantly influenced by the findings in the report, and in preparing for the future of pharmacy practice, will continue to follow regulatory best practices including ‘Right Touch Regulation.’ Right Touch Regulation means always asking what risk we are trying to regulate, being proportionate and targeted in regulating that risk, or finding ways other than regulation to promote good practice and high-quality healthcare.

Developing our Strategic Plan

In order to develop and finalize these goals and objectives, the College began by conducting a public consultation on the following strategic themes:

  • Emerging Practice Trends
  • Professionalism in Pharmacy
  • Excellence in Pharmacy
  • Modernizing Standards of Practice

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