The College conducted a number of stakeholder engagements to help solicit input on College initiatives, policies and bylaws.

Partnering with Other Healthcare Organizations to Further Public Safety

In order to draw on the wealth of healthcare expertise across the province, the College is a frequent collaborator with healthcare organizations in the provision of innovative approaches to patient safety.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

From October 25 – November 22, 2019, the College hosted its second-annual Customer Satisfaction Survey to collect feedback on our performance from our external stakeholders.

As a fundamental component of BC’s health system, the College of Pharmacists of BC is committed to serving and protecting the public. A big part of how we do this is by providing good customer service through the delivery of high quality services and assistance.

The survey was completed by a total of 741 respondents, attracting significant public participation with over 17% of respondents identifying as members of the public.

Results from the survey indicated an 85% approval rating among respondents.

The feedback gathered through this survey will be used to inform the College’s ongoing service objectives and ensure that we continue to deliver professional and ethical service that enables us to meet our mandate in protecting the public through the regulation of pharmacy practice in BC.

Learn more about the 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

2020/2021 to 2024/2025 Strategic Plan

In March 2020, the College launched its New Strategic Plan to guide the next five years of pharmacy practice in British Columbia. As a regulator, the College aims to be forward-thinking and to anticipate changes to support good pharmacy practice. This means the College needs to ensure it’s prepared to protect the public as new ways of providing healthcare emerge.

In order to develop the goals and objectives that make up the new strategic plan, the College conducted a public consultation on the following strategic themes:

  • Emerging Practice Trends
  • Professionalism in Pharmacy
  • Excellence in Pharmacy
  • Modernizing Standards of Practice

The online survey ran from March 15 – 31, 2019, during which time the College received over 1,200 responses and over 7,000 comments from respondents across BC. Respondents were comprised of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, students, health professionals and members of the public.

The survey attracted significant public participation with over 19% of respondents identifying as members of the public.

Respondents ranged in age from 18-64 years, representing a diverse range of cultural identities. Equity and diversity are vital for the provision of fair, equal and inclusive health services, and as such, are a priority for the College. Additionally, the College is committed to improving cultural humility and safety for First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples in BC in order to help create a healthcare environment free of racism and discrimination, where individuals feel safe and respected.

During the consultation, the College also heard from a wide range of stakeholder groups, including:

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Pharmacy Students
  • Members of the Public
  • Pharmacy Support Persons
  • Other Health Professionals

Respondents included people from a diverse range of communities, age groups and practice settings, bringing valuable, varied perspectives on a number of pharmacy issues.

For a more in-depth look at what we heard during the engagement process, please refer to our Strategic Plan Engagement Report.

Learn more about the College’s 2020/2021 to 2024/2025 Strategic Plan.

Policy Engagements

The College also conducted stakeholder engagements to support the development of the following policies:

ReadLinks Guest Posts

The College also commissioned 14 Guest Posts in 2019/20 written by health service providers and subject matter experts. Guest posts allow us to share a wide range of knowledge and expertise related to pharmacy practice and patient safety with the goal of providing better health through excellence in pharmacy.

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