To review, develop and recommend the standards, limits and conditions under which a registrant may administer a drug or substance to patients and to maintain patient safety and public protection with respect to authorized pharmacist’s administration of injections to patients or administration of drugs by intranasal route to patients.


Wilson Tsui (Chair)
Bing Wang (Vice-Chair)
Doreen Leong (staff resource)
Rashmi Chadha
Alex Dar Santos
Jagpaul Deol (until April 30, 2019)
Jenny Misar
Wilson Tsui
Julia Zhu
Number of Meetings: 0

Accomplishments of the Year

  • Developed a discussion paper on Pharmacists and Injection Authority: Current state, trends and considerations for the College Drug Administration Committee
  • Developed a Policy Issue Paper on Pharmacists and Injection Authority: Cross-Jurisdictional Review of Canadian Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities and Considerations for the College’s Drug Administration Committee
  • Presented to the Board at the February 2019 meeting, recommendations to remove the restrictions on drug administration by injection and intranasal route

Goals for Next Fiscal Year

  • Approve draft revised Standards, Limits and Conditions related to drug administration by injection and intranasal route for Board approval

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