To review pharmacy licence applications that have been referred to the committee and determine whether to issue, renew or reinstate a licence with or without conditions.


John Beever (Chair, effective November 15, 2019)
Derek Lee (Vice-Chair, effective November 15, 2019)
Doreen Leong (staff resource)
Christine Antler (Chair, until November 15, 2019)
Neil Bruan
George Budd
Dianne Cunningham
Kris Gustavson (effective May 1, 2019)
Trevor Hoff (effective May 1, 2019)
Robert Lewis
Kevin Ly
Nima Moazen (effective May 1, 2019)
Katie Skelton (effective November 15, 2019)
Surbhi Singh
Terry Park (until November 15, 2019)
Justin Thind (until November 15, 2019)
Sorell Wellon
Mark Zhuo
Number of Meetings
Number of In-Person Meetings: 1 (training)
Number of Teleconferences: 23

Accomplishments of the Year

  • Conducted an overall review of eligibility case files and incomplete pharmacy files
  • Held an in-person training/orientation session to review Application Committee decisions, administrative law and decision making including applying conditions to a pharmacy licence.
  • Drafted and revised on-going communication materials for licensure processes – Pharmacy Licensure Guide, ReadLinks articles, webpages and correspondence
  • Pharmacy applications referred to the AC:
    • 18 pharmacy files related to eligibility criteria
    • 123 pharmacy files were incomplete/late


Goals for Next Fiscal Year

  • Annual review of all policies
  • Annual in-person meeting/orientation/training
  • Annual review and revision of all communication materials
  • Review and revise FAQs on College website

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