Investigate complaints and concerns regarding a registrants’ conduct, competency and/or ability to practise and decide on an appropriate course of action pursuant to legislation.


Susan Troesch (Chair, effective May 1, 2019)
Ming Chang (Vice-Chair, effective April 30, 2019)
John Hope (Vice-Chair, and member until April 30, 2019)
David Pavan (staff resource)
Carla Ambrosini (until April 30, 2019)
Enreet Aujla
Dorothy Barkley
Joy Bhimji
Janice Butler
Karen Dahri
Meribeth Deen
Sukhvir Gidda
Michelle Harrison
Lori Hurd
Helen Jennens
Debbie Johannesen
Sanjeev Khangura
I fan Ko
Mona Kwong
Fatima Ladha (until April 30, 2019)
Sammy Lee
James Mercer
Janice Munroe
Alison Rhodes
Alana Ridgeley
Nathan Roeters
Kristoffer Scott
Kelsey Scyner
Justin Thind
Roberta Walker
Ann Wicks
Cynthia Widder (until April 30, 2019)
Joyce Wong
Wilson Yee
Marco Yeung
Number of Meetings
Number of in-person meetings: 7
Number of teleconferences: 52

Accomplishments of the Year

Notable Complaint Outcomes

Inquiry Committee outcomes are publicly available on the College’s website.

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