2015/16 Annual Report

Professional Development

The College’s Professional Development and Assessment Program (PDAP) helps to ensure that pharmacy professionals continue to provide safe and effective pharmacy care.

Continuing education is mandatory for all registered pharmacy professionals in order to renew their registration. Each pharmacy professional must complete a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education documented on at least 6 learning records annually.

At the November 2015 Board meeting, the Board approved a motion that requires registrants to complete accredited learning as part of their annual professional development to maintain registration. Effective January 2016, a minimum of 5 hours of the 15 total hours must be accredited learning. The College funds a variety of accredited learning programs, and created a new page on its website to direct registrants to these programs.


Note: The diagram indicates minimum CE hourly requirements.

Registered pharmacy professionals use the CE-Plus tool to submit their annual professional development requirements as set out by PDAP. The CE-Plus tool is securely located on the eServices portal.

Registrants are contacted by the College to remind them of an upcoming deadline to submit their continuing education learning records. Should a registrant not submit their continuing education by their registration renewal deadline, they would fall into the active, late registration category and must pay a late fee in addition to their annual registration renewal fee.