2015/16 Annual Report

Complaints Resolution Statistics

Complaints Resolution Statistics –Received between March 1, 2015 and February 29, 2016

850Complaints Received
Total Complaints Received  850
Formal Complaints 95
Informal Complaints 755
Registrants Involved in Formal Complaints 142
Complaints reviewed by the Health Professions Review Board   0
Complaints Recorded by Type  (Some complaints may have more than one type)
Medication Related 34
Privacy/Confidentiality 4
Professional Conduct/Competency 55
Fitness of Practice  4
Business-Related 3
Suspected Unlawful Activity 2
Sexual Misconduct 0


 Dispositions and Complaints
 Total Presented to Inquiry Committee 136
 Total new files reviewed 94
Total reconsiderations* 42*
Active/Pending**              29**
Disposed and Closed 70
Disposed and Monitoring 5


* Some files have been reconsidered more than once.
**21 files were carried over from previous fiscal year

1Discipline Committee Hearings
59Inquiry Committee Meetings