Implementation of Goals and Objectives in this Strategic Plan will reflect high quality personcentred care for all British Columbians, which involves creating conditions in which people feel respected, and providing equitable care that considers systemic racism among Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

The specific emphasis on Black, Indigenous and People of Colour included here is intended to reflect the historical and ongoing impact of systemic racial injustices and is in no way meant to exclude other vulnerable populations.

Cultural safety and humility and social justice are essential to this work, in addition to considering the social context of individuals seeking care and the needs of caregivers.

Goal 1: The public is given evidence-informed, person-centred, team-based care.

Standards of Practice under the Health Professions Act will be reviewed and modernized to support the best evidence-informed care, enabling practice innovation while ensuring safety based on the principles of Right Touch Regulation. Continuity of care, team-based care and collaboration will also be supported throughout by designing Standards to be applicable to any environment where pharmacy services may be provided.

The College will also draw on insights from a variety of sources including provincial emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic experience and the overdose crisis, complaint outcomes, practice reviews, medication Incidents, and other emerging best practices and research to ensure pharmacy practice regulation in BC enables the public to receive safe, evidence-informed, person-centred, care.

Goal 2: To enable practice innovation through regulation that enhances health and wellness of the public and ensures patient safety.

Inherent in this goal is Right Touch Regulation that supports innovation, is flexible and enables professionals’ focus on the health and wellness of the public. Patient safety includes cultural safety and humility, the provision of care and services that reflect social justice, and the technical safety and workload that enable safe practices. In order to realize this goal, the College will remain committed to staying current in its understanding of practice innovation and the associated regulatory implications.

Goal 3: To have the public and health professionals trust pharmacy professionals as valuable resources who are acting first and foremost in the public interest.

With increasing team-based care, it is important that pharmacy professionals are seen as a trusted, valuable, accessible resource by the public and others on the care team.

The College will seek to learn more about what the public expects of pharmacy professionals and will develop a Bill of Rights to build awareness of how pharmacy professionals can help care for British Columbians as part of the care team.

Transparency will be important throughout this work.

Goal 4: To align with Government priorities and have strong, collaborative engagement with all healthcare providers to advance person-centred, interdisciplinary care.

Effective collaboration is vital to enable innovation and implement positive change in the healthcare system.

The implementation of a new provincial health profession regulatory framework together with the College’s work towards modernizing its Standards of Practice and development of a Patient Bill of Rights closely aligns the College and Government in working towards improving the health and wellness of British Columbians.

The College also wants to encourage greater collaboration between healthcare professionals and support team-based care. 

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