To ensure that the Jurisprudence Examination continues as a valid and reliable assessment instrument.


Bal Dhillon (Chair)
Christopher Szeman (Vice-Chair)
Doreen Leong (staff resource)
Angel Cao
Brian Kim
Ali Ladak
Kent Ling
Tara Oxford
Asal Taheri
David Wang

Number of Meetings: 1 in-person; 1 videoconference

Accomplishments of the Year

  • Key policies, processes, exam results and item statistical data reviewed and approved.
  • Secured Prometric, an assessment and testing organization to facilitate administration of the Jurisprudence Exam for both in-person and remote proctor testing.
    • Transitioned to computer-based testing (CBT).
    • Secured new item bank platform.
  • Revised all Jurisprudence Exam communications materials ie. Jurisprudence Exam Information Guide, College website, confirmation letters and results letter to applicants.

Goals for Next Fiscal Year

  • Annual review of all Jurisprudence Exam policies and Jurisprudence Exam communication materials.
  • Launched Jurisprudence Exam Modernization Project (delayed from 2020 due to COVID).
    • Develop project plan and timelines.
    • Conduct Jurisprudence Exam blueprint, item writing, item review and standards setting.


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