To provide recommendations to the Board on matters relating to Board Governancee.


Anne Peterson (Chair)
Christine Antler (Vice-Chair, effective November 20, 2020)
David Pavan (staff resource)
Anca Cvaci
Claire Ishoy (Vice-Chair, until November 20, 2020)
Katie Skelton

Number of Meetings: 1 teleconference, 6 videoconferences

Accomplishments of the Year

  • Refined the applicant evaluation form for the annual committee appointments
  • Shared our committee member appointment process and applicant evaluation form with the College of Dental Surgeons of BC as requested
  • Formalized the Board Chair and Vice-Chair election process by developing questions to pose to Board Chair and Vice-Chair candidates and discussing about desired candidate attributes
  • Reviewed Board meeting evaluation survey results and implemented process changes as suggested
  • Made amendments to Board Reference and Policies

Goals for Next Fiscal Year:

  • Finalize the Board competency matrix
  • Review Board policies and manuals and recommend revisions to these documents.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding Board member orientation and ongoing development.
  • Review and make recommendations on policies and practices related to the recruitment, election and/or appointment of Board and committee members.
  • Provide advice and guidance on Board evaluations, including Board meeting evaluations and Board member evaluations.
  • Assess and make recommendations regarding the governance-related needs of the Board.
  • Continue to review committee TOR and update as needed.

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