The College of Pharmacists of BC regulates the pharmacy profession by registering pharmacy professionals and licensing the pharmacies in British Columbia where they work. The College receives its authority from the government of BC through the Health Professions Act (HPA) and the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act (PODSA).

The College Board is the elected and appointed body that leads the organization. In fiscal year 2019/2020, the Board consisted of seven elected pharmacists, one elected pharmacy technician and four government appointees.

The Board governs the College to ensure that it fulfils its legislative mandate, mission and vision in an efficient and effective manner. The Board also ensures that the College is accountable to the general public for competent, conscientious and effective pharmacy practice.

In addition to the College Registrar and staff, the Board utilizes a number of committees, which consist of College registrants and public members. College committees work to achieve their identified goals and objectives, and each committee Chair reports to the Board on an annual basis.

Prior to taking office, all elected and publicly appointed Board members must take and sign an Oath of Office acknowledging their understanding and commitment to the Colleges duty to serve and protect the public.

Oath of Office

I do swear or solemnly affirm that:


I will abide by the Health Professions Act and I will faithfully discharge the duties of the position, according to the best of my ability;


I will act in accordance with the law and the public trust placed in me;


I will act in the interests of the College as a whole;


I will uphold the objects of the College and ensure that I am guided by the public interest in the performance of my duties;


I have a duty to act honestly;


I will declare any private interests relating to my public duties and take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest;


I will ensure that other memberships, directorships, voluntary or paid positions or affiliations remain distinct from work undertaken in the course of performing my duty as a Board member.

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