Hear and make a determination of a matter referred to the committee regarding a pharmacist’s or pharmacy technician’s conduct, competency and/or ability to practice, pursuant to legislation.


Derek Lee (Chair)
Heather Baxter (Vice-Chair)
David Pavan (staff resource)
Christina Alacron
Rapinder Chahal
Christina Chan
Vaughn Chauvin
Dianne Cunningham
Alison Dennis
Neelam Dhaliwal
Baldeep Dhillon
Anneke Driessen
Jeffrey Huang
Nerys Hughes
Edwin Kry
Howard Kushner
Peter Lam
Dominique Marcotte
Leza Muir
Anne Peterson
Annette Robinson
Omar Saad
Sophie Sanfacon
Gurinder Saran
Carol Segal
Paulo Tchen
Gabriella Wong

Number of Meetings
Number of citations for discipline hearing issued: 1
Number of hearing days: 2
Number of discipline files heard in court: 0
Number of cases completed: 6


During the 2020/21 fiscal year, one citation for discipline hearing was issued. The majority of complaints that prompted the issuing of a citation were ultimately resolved through consent orders; therefore, six outstanding citations issued from the previous year were cancelled. The registrants and the Inquiry Committee agreed to resolve all matters by way of a Consent Order under section 37.1 of the HPA or Consent Agreement under section 36(1) of the HPA.

No discipline and penalty decisions were issued by the Discipline Committee in 2020/21.

Discipline Committee findings are posted on CPBC’s website.

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