2016/17 Annual Report

Practice Review Program

The Practice Review Program is an in-person review of a pharmacy professional’s practice and the pharmacy where they work. The program aims to protect public safety by improving compliance with College Bylaws and Professional Practice Policies and ensuring consistent delivery of pharmacy services across BC.


Under the Practice Review Program, every pharmacy and pharmacy professional in BC will be reviewed to ensure they meet College standards. The Program’s multi-year time frame allows for all pharmacies and pharmacy professionals currently practising in BC to be reviewed on a cyclical basis.

The College implemented the Practice Review Program in community pharmacy in February 2015 and recently expanded it to include hospital pharmacies, with the first hospital reviews taking place in April 2017.

The Practice Review Program is split into two components: the Pharmacy Review and the Pharmacy Professionals Review. The Pharmacy Review is built upon the College’s previous inspection process and focuses on legislated physical requirements of the pharmacy. The Pharmacy Professionals Review is the individual review of a pharmacy professional’s practice.

The focus areas for the Pharmacy Professionals Review were identified as having the most impact on patient safety in both community and hospital pharmacy practice settings. As pharmacy practice evolves and the Practice Review Program progresses, the focus areas may change based on the College Board’s direction.

prp focus areas ar2017

Reviews are conducted by a team of Compliance Officers who are all registered pharmacy professionals employed by the College. Compliance Officers record and document areas of compliance and non-compliance while observing pharmacy professionals throughout the review process.

To learn more about the Practice Review Program visit bcpharmacists.org/prp.