2016/17 Annual Report

Discipline Committee


Hear and make a determination of a matter referred to the committee regarding a pharmacist’s or pharmacy technician’s conduct, competency and/or ability to practice, pursuant to legislation.


Jerrold Casanova (Chair)
Patricia Gerber (Vice-Chair)
David Pavan (staff resource)
Wayne Chen
Suzanne Coughtry
Jody Croft
Bal Dhillon
Anneke Driessen
James Ellsworth
Nerys Hughes
Chris Kooner
Howard Kushner
Derek Lee
Leza Muir
Annette Robinson
Jeremy Walden
Carol Williams
Mabel Yan (resigned in October)
Amparo Yen

Number of Hearing Days/Teleconference: 2
Number of Discipline files heard in court: 0
Number of pending files: 1