2016/17 Annual Report

Complaints Resolution

College registrants have a legal and ethical obligation to promote and protect the best interests of their patients. The majority of College registrants are competent and skilled practitioners who work hard to uphold this obligation and maintain patient confidence by providing safe and effective pharmacy care.

However, there are times when a patient, co-worker, employer or other health care professional may have a concern about the pharmacy care delivered by a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. The College’s complaints resolution process is designed to deal with such circumstances and is grounded in the College’s mandate to protect the public.


Contacting the College about a Complaint

If you have a concern about the care you received from a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, the best place to start is to speak directly with that person about your concern. Simple miscommunications are often at the root of many complaints, and although it may be difficult, a face-to-face discussion is often the best way to resolve an issue.

If you are unable to resolve the concern with the pharmacist or pharmacy technician, it may be appropriate to contact the College’s Complaints Line.

How to Contact the College About a Concern



Contact the College’s Complaints Line

Contact the College at 1.877.330.0967 or 778.330.0967.


Leave a Message

Leave a message with your full name and number, a brief description of the complaint, and preferred contact time.


We will Connect with You to Discuss the Concern

A Complaints Officer will return your call within 3 business days to discuss your concern. This is an important step in learning more about the issue.


We will Work with You to Resolve the Complaint

After learning more about your concern and discussing with you the best approach to resolving the issue, the Complaints Officer may:

  • Informally resolve your concern;
  • Refer your concern to the appropriate entity;
  • Request that you provide a formal, written complaint.

The College takes all complaints seriously. Each call is assessed individually to determine whether it is appropriate for investigation.

To learn more about the College’s complaints process, visit bcpharmacists.org/complaints.