2016/17 Annual Report

Complaints Resolution Statistics

Complaints Resolution Statistics –Received between March 1, 2016 and February 28, 2017

758Complaints Received
Official Complaints Received under Health Professions Act s. 33 105
Registrants Involved 191
Intake Correspondence 758
Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act s. 17 Investigations 35
Inquiry Committee Dispositions Appealed to Health Professions Review Board 4
Inquiry Committee Files Referred to Discipline Committee 2


Complaints Recorded by Type  (Some complaints may have more than one type)
Medication-Related 28
Privacy/Confidentiality 12
Professional Conduct/Competency 67
Fitness of Practice 8
Business-Related 5
Unlawful Activity 1
Sexual Misconduct 0


 Inquiry Committee Dispositions
Total # of Files Reviewed and Disposed by Inquiry Committee 209
Total # of New Inquiry Committee Files Reviewed and Disposed 103
Total # of Inquiry Committee Reconsiderations 61*
Total # of Inspector Reports Written Pursuant to s. 18 of the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act Reviewed by the Inquiry Committee 45

* Some files have been reconsidered more than once.